Smart Readiness Indicator and how it helps in evaluating buildings efficiency

The Smart Readiness Indicator – SRI is an indicator in study by the European Commission, which could serve as a tool to measure the efficiency of a building according to a standard indicator. MIWenergía has carried out an SRI study in a business building. This is a study within the development phase of the SRI and what helps ups in our commitment to new technologies and continuous investment in R&D to improve the service of our customers. This first study was carried out in the Magalia Business Center building, which participate in the Project DRIMPAC. This project use ICT tools to measure the ability of user to modify their customs thanks to the information provided by the smart sensor connected in the building. The SRI helps evaluate buildings based on their level of deployment of technological devices and the connectivity of those devices. Which help us make decisions more adjusted to the energy situation of the moment saving money on electricity bills and reducing CO2 emissions. published more about this in an article (in Spanish). Read it here:

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