USEF implementation for explicit DR scenarios

CERTH has finalized an implementation of the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF), customized for DRIMPAC objectives and characteristics. USEF outlines a comprehensive interactions framework between future energy market actorssuch as DSOs, Aggregators and BRPs for the provision and trading of energy production and consumption flexibility. It also provides a reference backend implementation, which CERTH adapted by designing and developing UIs for the DSO and Aggregators while deploying the use cases defined in USEF UFTP for the trading of flexibility towards alleviating grid congestion problems. The necessary backend components for the connection of USEF with DRIMPAC Demand Response Management System (DRMS) have also been developed and are being tested. DRIMPAC DRMS is the system module that connects the flexibility assets with the Aggregators directly and the DSO indirectly via the Aggregator. The DRMS detects the assets that are compatible with the DSO requests and connected to the grid congestion point, and provides the Aggregator with the means to create an aggregated flexibility offer to the DSO via the USEF backend processes. In turn, the DSO can order the execution of the flexibility offer via USEF and the DRMS takes care of the routing of the order to the assets via the OpenADR protocol.

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