Dynamic pricing for Implicit Demand Response scenarios

Dynamic pricing offers the capability to indirectly affect consumption in order to address forecasted grid congestion issues or encourage higher consumption during periods of excess RES production instead of curtailing the RES production. Dynamic pricing ranges from Time of Use (ToU) to day-ahead hourly prices based on wholesale ENTSO-e prices. In DRIMPAC there is no “one solution fits all” but instead the project “retailer” partners have the freedom to design and offer to the end-users their custom-designed pricing schemes. In that way, partner MyEnergia will offer a complex scheme of ToU tariffs as well as day-ahead hourly prices that are formulated based on the wholesale prices for Spain and include taxes, profit margin and other parameters that change dynamically. Partner SWT (who is also a DSO) will offer dynamic pricing that takes into account the network status and the production of RES. Partners UCY and SOREA will offer ToU tariffs. CERTH has developed an interface for the collection of these dynamic prices by DRIMPAC platform in a homogenous scheme. The prices are updated every hour. After reception, DRIMPAC DRMS routes the day-ahead prices to the corresponding customers (end-users) using the OpenADR protocol. Currently integration has been completed between DRIMPAC and the three of the four retailer partners.

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