DRIMPAC Smart Home Automation System for Demand Response

DRIMPAC technical solution for demand response in residential buildings includes the development of a building gateway (Smart Box) and a Customer Energy Management System (CEM) as an alternative to high-cost BEMs systems and smart home solutions that were not intended to support demand response services. Hypertech has developed several services in Smart Box software stack to support the end-to-end connectivity and full functionality between the energy management system and the appliances considered as demand flexibility resources inside the buildings. During the oncoming deployment activities, Smart Box will act as a building gateway that will administrate all the installed monitoring and control IoT devices in order to materialize DRIMPAC human-centric Demand Response implementation.

Moreover, the Customer Energy Management System has been developed and configured based on DRIMPAC requirements. It is capable to perform data collection per building, activate the appropriate control actions inside the building according to the context of the received demand response messages from the DRMS and support add-on software modules through appropriate interfaces.

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