Pilot preparation and user recruitment

The University of Cyprus (UCY), as one of the DRIMPAC project pilot-leaders has begun the deployment activities for implementing the DRIMPAC solution at the university campus. The activities include equipment procurement and installation processes, access to metering information as well as all relevant information related to the national energy market and regulations. To this end, the pilot specific use-cases have been derived, the baseline scenario has been developed, while various methodologies for pricing schemes, that will allow the participants to take full advantage of the DRIMPAC solution, are under investigation.
Besides developing an optimal solution that creates incentives, end-users must be elicited to fully grasp the benefits of DRIMPAC. Educating and training the end-users to be actively involved is the cornerstone of the DRIMPAC pilot implementation and cannot be neglected. In this scope, recruitment activities are finalised, while training activities have already begun. Even though the pandemic forced us to pause these activities, now with the end of the outbreak, the FOSS, UCY team aims to continue the awareness raising campaigns that will further explain demand response, the potential benefits and risks to the end-suers, as well as additional focus groups that will promote trust through face to face interactions

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