DRIMPAC Flexibility Forecasting

Hypertech has designed and developed a human-centric flexibility extraction component capable to forecast potential flexibility from appliances generally located at the residential and commercial building sector. In DRIMPAC, the demand flexibility discovery engine will provide day-ahead and short-term estimations of load flexibility capacity taking into account real-time contextual/ environmental data gathered by sensorial/sub-metering equipment installed in pilot sites together with the end-users’ comfort profiles as extracted by DRIMPAC comfort profiling framework. Day-ahead forecasts will then be broadcasted to the DRMS so that the aggregator can deliver flexibility offers to the market actors based on buildings aggregated flexibility. DRIMPAC human-centric approach aims to deliver the requested demand side flexibility in a comfort-based and context-aware manner without interfering with end-users’ comfort and lifestyle preferences. In DRIMPAC flexibility discovery engine, HVAC systems play a critical role mainly due to their high energy consumption.


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