My Energia Oner starts installing smart devices for DRIMPAC Project

The Spanish company faces the final phase of European DRIMPAC Project, in which smart devices, that measure consumption and performance, will be installed in homes and office buildings foreseen within the Spanish pilot site. The DRIMPAC Project has as main objective the measurement of the ability to modify consumption habits towards energy flexibility, offering two-way communication between distributors, electricity market traders, and the end-users.

Currently, this project is in its 29th month of development, with several pilot tests in Spain, Germany, France and Cyprus. During this phase all the performance devices and measures, developed during the preceding stages of the project, will be installed and tested.

The Spanish pilot test will be carried out in 55 dwellings in the Joven Futura residential area (Murcia), and in two office buildings; the Magalia Business Centre (Alcantarilla), and the Parque Cientifico de Murcia (Espinardo), this last dependent on the Region of Murcia Development Institute. All of them located in the Region of Murcia, Spain.


Installed Technology

The Smart Devices that will be installed in the pilot test depend on the type of building and its specific features.

–             Instant Consumption Meters:

This kind of devices allow the consumption and performance data measurement in real time, making it possible through Big Data to anticipate recurring consumption, and to optimize the consumed energy that each user makes of their home or office.

–             Smart Plugs:

Specially designed to control appliances with high relative consumption, such as thermos, radiant heating, or other small heating devices.

–             Smart Lighting:

These systems allow you to regulate the lighting level, change or adapt the lights colour and optimize consumption and brightness levels in the different spaces of the office or home.

–             Smart Climate Controller:

It provides comprehensive control of the different air conditioning systems in the building and offers measurable data to allow the user to optimize their consumption according to their temperature needs.

–             Multi-sensors:

Designed to measure the humidity of the rooms, their temperature, the lighting intensity and the occupancy; by collecting this data, it allows to know the range of the user’s comfort parameters and also allows to adapt it to the optimal energy consumption levels.


Towards the energy prosumer


This project increasingly brings the reality of the “energy prosumer” closer together, in which end users become active participants in the energy market. With their own consumption data information, they can identify consumption peaks, improve their energy habits, obtaining bill reduction and energy savings, while taking control of their energy consumption.

You can read the article in Spanish and discover more here!

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