HYPERTECH current results

DRIMPAC aims to intervene into a group of pilot sites and transform them to smart buildings capable to participate in future Demand Response programs. This transition requires the installation of several commercial IoT devices (sensors, actuators and smart meters) together with Hypertech’s tailored-made IoT gateway to enable remote controls and monitoring over the building assets. Hypertech has been involved in the development of the technical solution, which is currently deployed inside DRIMPAC residential and commercial pilot sites. Until now, more than 130 pilot sites are completed and available for DRIMPAC demonstration activities while collected data are shared to the software modules that compose the DRIMPAC energy demand management framework. Hypertech has also focused on the development of software modules related with flexibility extraction and how they can be applied on thermal appliances without violating end-users’ comfort. These implementations are validated in DRIMPAC pilot sites and will be part of future demonstration activities.

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