How can Demand Response become a Business Case?

The technological solutions developed in DRIMPAC are a key enabler to make aggregation of small loads possible and bring their flexibility potential to the market. Especially a sound interoperability framework is crucial to integrate various types of devices under the umbrella of one aggregator. However, technological advances are just one side of the medal. Targeting the right customers , and providing a convincing service offering for them are still fundamental elements that decide if a business model is successful or not. In the case of Demand Response for small consumers this constitutes a major challenge. The theoretic potential of flexibility from distributed energy resources, tertiary and residential buildings is vast, but for the individual end-user, the actual financial savings from these programmes are often marginal. Therefore, designing the right service package for the end-user is a meaningful task to lift Demand Response out of a niche market and make it reality for active consumers all over Europe. For the DRIMPAC project, e7 is dedicated to chase this goal and explore profitable business scenarios and their economic limits.

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