Installation process in residential zones

Since the last three months, we perform the installation and commissioning process at the DRIMPAC residential zones.

The entrusted external electrician has arranged appointments with the participants locally in their buildings. In parallel, we have started to prepare the commissioning process at the SWT office, to avoid mistakes locally in the buildings and to speed up the process. After receiving all dates for the appointments, one of our SWT DRIMPAC team members and the external electrician drove to the participants buildings, which are distributed in the whole region of Trier (around 500,000 inhabitants). Up to now, we have finished 22 of 23 installation and commissioning processes. In parallel, we continuously monitor the status of the smart devices with the monitoring tool from Hypertech and try to solve some occurred problems. E.g., one upcoming problem was that there is not enough space in the fuse box to install all necessary smart clamps, especially when there shall be measure more than the overall consumption (e.g. measure PV, heat pump and overall consumption). Because of that, Hypertech had to find another solution to include the PV-inverters to the DRIMPAC project and into the monitoring tool.

After all installations are finished and once we got a DRIMPAC application mock-up from the technical partners, we will test the correct functions of the application and the SWT Use Cases with some of so called friendly users, before we will launch the application to all participants. In the meantime, the baseload measurement is taking place in the background. The baseload measurements is needed to be able to assess the DRIMPAC solution at the end of the project (e.g. to compare the energy price with the using of dynamic prices vs. without dynamic prices).


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