A Business Model Fast Track on Energy Communities-Key Lessons Learned from H2020 EU Projects

We have great news, just in time for Christmas.
The article “A Business Model Fast Track on Energy Communities-Key lessons” by Sylvia Breukers, Amanda Schibline, Guntram Pressmair, Jake Barnes, Marine Faber Perrio, Esteban Pastor Calatyud and Lucya Rakocevic has been published. Nine H2020 projects gathered at R2M Solution’s Sustainable Places conference last September to discuss their approach to #socialengagement in as many innovative #energycommunity #businessmodels.The article discusses European projects that seek to draw attention on the importance and seriousness of energy communities. What all projects underline is that energy communities lack financial, knowledge and relational resources and that the current local, regional and national markets are not conducive to energy community BMs. The introduction of the term energy communities in the Clean Energy for All Europeans package emphasises that energy is not just another commodity to be traded, but that access, affordability, control and ownership of both energy generation and infrastructure are crucial for community development. A variety of European Horizon 2020 projects are developing and analysing business models (BM) for energy communities, and this paper briefly presents these efforts, highlighting some of the key issues and challenges encountered.  

You can read more at the following link: https://www.mdpi.com/2673-4931/11/1/19

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