Deployment status and future steps for UCY/FOSS”

During the last couple months, FOSS/UCY has almost finalized the deployment status at UCY premises that includes commercial and residential buildings, and completed at PV Technology Laboratory. In addition, information and awareness raising campaigns were carried out by circulating leaflets to motivate users to actively participate. These leaflets where writen in both the Greek and English language, as well as, taking into consideration the energy education levels of the participants.  Furthermore, informal gatherings (focus groups and training activities) with participants were conducted in order to explain demand response programs and the potential benefits and risks for consumers. In this manner, we have informed pilot participants about what to expect during the pilot activities. Specifically, dynamic energy pricing was explained to them in order for them to know how to interpret and take advantage of DR signals, and how to alter energy consumption. We have also explained to them what information will be monitored and collected from the installed equipment (sensors, smart devices, smart box, etc.), as well as, how it will be processed. Some initial testing activities have begun in order to evaluate proper data monitoring and collection, to ensure the proper functionality of the procured equipment, as well as to collect all the baseline measurements for future evaluation of the DRIMPAC solution. Next steps are to test the pre-established use-cases along with the DRIMPAC solution and the launched application

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