Spanish Pilot Site current state

MIWenergia has continued with the installation and commissioning process on its pilot sites. Currently, 54 out of 55 residential sites, all 23 zones in Magalia building and 11 out of 13 zones in Parque Científico have been completed. In this process all participants have been very collaborative and have facilitated the installation work for MIWenergia technicians while showing great interest in the development of DRIMPAC.

During last few months and with the help from the monitoring tool developed by Hypertech, MIWenergia has also provided support in the installation to fix minor issues in the smart devices.

Once the DRIMPAC application tools are ready to be launched, a communication campaign will be developed to explain all users how to take advantage of these innovative solutions. MIWenergia will then test the use cases applicable to the Spanish Pilot Sites that will help to exploit DRIMPAC solution after the end of the Project.

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