A technical update from our project coordinator

Considering the transition of the electricity sector from a conventional one towards a modern smart grid, closer ties and collaboration among the various stakeholders is required. To that end, CERTH during the activities of the DRIMPAC project, has collaborated with the rest of the project partners to develop, implement and integrate an end-to-end solution. This is to connect all implicating stakeholders, such as the Distribution System Operator (DSO), Aggregator and the end-user, with the latter being an active prosumer, in an rapid, efficient and reliable manner.
USEF framework and OpedADR protocol have proven quite useful towards implementing Demand Side-Management schedules, that formulate grid requests made by the DSO or the electricity market itself via the Aggregator to Demand Response requests to the end-users.
Utilizing both implicit and explicit DR schemes and having incorporated end-users that are prosumers, that is ranging from residential and commercial prosumers to district energy resource (DER) managers, further diversity is achieved, leading to a more universal solution

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