Title: Testing the functionality of the DRIMPAC Web Application and User Interface

During the last months, we mainly have tested the DRIMPAC Web Application and User Interface to communicate feedback about upcoming issues to the technical partners.
As the first step, we have registered all our residential users to the DRIMPAC services. Before we will launch the application to our residential participants, we decided to test them and check whether it works properly or not. Therefore, we created DRIMPAC credentials for three of our residential users and check continuously the functionality of the application and the correct transfer of the data.
In the meantime, we also translated all relevant functionalities of the web application into the German language.
After the technical partners have included the native language and fixed all issues (proper transfer of the dynamic prices etc.), we will distribute the application to the residential users and perform the DRIMPAC DR activities.

Example of the DRIMPAC User Interface



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