Innovations to business units and building technologies

Siemens is a front runner of digital revolution around the way how society define own needs for infrastructure services and products. Now, when the intersection between public and private assets ask for extensive intelligence for control and quality of experience Smart Grid advancements comes to play a relevant role.
Siemens Technology participate in DRIMPAC project willing to propose innovations to business units in Grid Infrastructures and Building Technologies. Demand Response use cases experienced by the project proves their practical relevance taking into accounts last year impact of energy scarcity and the impact on instrumented data on the building. More precisely our main focus have been on the predictive maintenance capability and the associated models of deployment. More precisely, based on containerization our solution is able to be deployed both on premise where monitored devices reside but also on cloud environments being scalable for multiple control boxes data. Its functionality aim to learn and discover early signs of functional issues and alarm maintenance. Is well known that being able to perform on demand routines decrease operational costs and increase availability of equipment. Same time, Siemens supported partners to define and expose their exploitation plans and evaluate the investment plan on individual components for future improvements.

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