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Sylvia Breukers, Amanda Schibline, Guntram Pressmair, Jake Barnes, Marine
Faber Perrio, Esteban Pastor Calatyud and Lucya Rakocevic “A Business Model Fast Track on Energy Communities-Key Lessons Learned from H2020 EU Projects”, Zia Lennard, Environ. Sci. Proc. 2021, 11(1), 19

G. Navarro, “El prosumidor eléctrico será el actor principal en el sistema del futuro”, La Verdad, 24 November 2019 (Translation in English)

I. Poursanidis, G. Rancilio, E. Kotsakis, G. Fulli, M. Masera, M. Merlo, “A design framework for Citizen Energy Communities in Cities: exploring PV-storage synergies”, 11th IEEE PES Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering, 2019

D. Tzovaras, A. Papanikolaou, G. Pitsiladis, I. G. Damousis and G. Georghiou, “Addressing Demand Response Interoperability challenges for small prosumers – The DRIMPAC project concept”, SyNERGYMED 2019, IEEE, 28-30/05/2019

D. Tzovaras, I. Damousis, A. Papanikolaou, G. Pitsiladis, G.Barbagelata, “DRIMPAC—Unified Demand Response Interoperability Framework Enabling Market Participation of Active Energy Consumers”, Sustainable Places 2019, MDPI, 5-7/06/2019

V. Cambronero Vázquez, J. Corscadden, A. Garrido Marijuan, G. Barbagelata,G. Hamann,M. Grosjean, N. Mendoza, “Integration of Renewables in DHC for Sustainable Living Workshop”, Sustainable Places 2020, MDPI, Proceedings 2020

G. Damousis ; E. Bazouki ; D. Agtzidis ; D. Tzovaras ; P. Barrachina ; R. Perez de Zabalza, “OPENADR-based information and communication infrastructure for implicit demand response scenarios”, The 12th Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Energy Conversion (MEDPOWER 2020), 2021 p. 276 – 282

G.Pressmair; Christof Amann; Klemens Leutgob; “Business Models for Demand Response: Exploring the Economic Limits for Small-and Medium-Sides Prosumers”, Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector: Data-Driven Analytics, Services and Business Models, 2021, 14(21), 7085

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