Possible events

DRIMPAC aims at understanding in the most optimised way which events are high-impact and which events we should become strategically aligned to.

The following list captures conferences, exhibitions, and events to be evaluated and considered by the consortium, where DRIMPAC partners are planning to present the project and its outcomes.

World Sustainable Energy Days 6/8 April 2022, Wels, Austria
Energy Tech Summit 2022 26/28 April 2022, Hybrid event
 International Conference on Green Building Technology and Energy Efficiency (ICGBTEE)  13 May 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands
International Conference on Energy Efficiency Technologies and Applications (ICEETA) 20 May 2022, Berlin, Germany
International Conference on Renewable Energy Efficiency and Engineering (ICREEE) 10 June 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark
SPARK, Innovation-Tech-Sustainability, Energy Re-Imagined 21/22 June 2022, London, UK
International Conference on Energy and Efficiency Plus Houses (ICEEPH) 8 July 2022, Prague, Czechia
International Conference on Energy Efficiency Management and Conservation (ICEEMC) 29 July 2022, – Vienna, Austria
International Conference on Green Building Technologies and Energy Efficiency (ICGBTEE) 5 August 2022, – Amsterdam, Netherlands
International Conference on Energy Efficiency and Policy (ICEEP) 20 September 2022, Lisbon, Portugal
Global Forum 2022 17/18 October 2022, Muscat, Oman
AEE – Engineering the Future of Energy in Europe 26/27 October 2022, Dublin, Ireland