Public deliverables

This page will collect all documents and public reports developed during the project.

WP1 Requirements elicitation and solution definition

D1.1 Report on establishment and recruitment activities for the User Group and Stakeholder Ecosystem
D1.2 – Innovative energy retailer business model proposal and market analysis 
D1.3 – Demand Response stakeholder requirements for the DRIMPAC solution
D1.4 – DRIMPAC technical specifications and system architecture
D1.5 – Performance Measurement & Verification methodology report

WP2 Interoperability platform design & configuration

D2.1 – Analysis of standards and protocols in the building automation and demand response domains
D2.2 – DRIMPAC Common Information Model and Ontology

WP4 DRIMPAC demonstration &validation activities

D4.1 Pilot activity preparation checklist 
D4.2 Report on activities for engaging and training pilot participants and related material
D4.5 – Plan for the deployment of the DRIMPAC solution and required equipment to pilot premises
D4.6 – Report on the operation and use of the DRIMPAC solution during pilot testing (M45)
D4.7 – Ex-ante analysis and baseline estimation for pilot premises
D4.8 – DRIMPAC solution holistic evaluation (M45)

WP5 Business modelling, policy support and standardization activities

D5.1 – Report on activities for the definition and promotion of DRIMPAC standardization punch-list
D5.2 – DRIMPAC cost-benefit analysis and impact assessment (M36)
D5.3 Policy & market reform recommendations report
D5.4 – Consolidated report on the innovative business models for energy retailers (M48)
D5.5 – DRIMPAC replication roadmap (M48)
D5.6 – Report on activities for the definition and promotion of DRIMPAC standardization punchlist v.2 (M48)
D5.7 – Policy/market reform recommendations report v.2 (M48)

WP6 Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

D6.1 DRIMPAC branding, website and social media channels
D6.2 – DRIMPAC dissemination and communication plan and associated material (M3/M18/M36)
D6.5 – Report on dissemination & communication activities (M48)